Los saludos – Greetings

Being polite will be a very important part of your speaking test. Whatever you do during the exam, what is certain is that you will have to say hello and say goodbye. So pay special attention to the phrases that we are going to study in this activity.

Cómo saludar en español

Click on the speaker to hear the audio, click again to mark the box, and match the expression you hear with its English translation.

Don’t forget to repeat each expression several times to familiarize yourself with its pronunciation!

List of greeting in Spanish

Here is the list of greetings in Spanish. These activities are part of our lesson 1.3 «Being Polite».

buenos díasgood day / good morning
buenas tardesgood afternoon / good evening
buenas nochesgood night
hasta luegosee you later
hasta el lunessee you on Monday
hasta mañanasee you tomorrow
hasta prontosee you soon
¿qué tal?what’s up?
¿cómo estás?how are you? (informal)
¿cómo está?how are you? (formal)
muy bienvery well
no muy biennot very well