Online Spanish grammar assessments

The online Spanish grammar assessments will allow you to check your progress with the Spanish language or identify those grammatical topics that you should review.

We have created one assessment for each of the lessons in our grammar course. We also have some revision tests to work on some specific topics that we think could need a little extra work.

Online Spanish Grammar Assessments

The results of these activities are reviewed by a Spanish tutor, who forwards her/his comments and recommendations to the student by email. Although they are exclusively accessible to our VIP students, we have given free access to one of them, so you can see how they work: RT105 Revisión de los tiempos del pasado.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our online Spanish grammar assessments. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Revision Test List

101 El género de los sustantivos y la concordancia con el adjetivo. VIP ACCESS
102  Conjugación y usos del presente de indicativo. VIP ACCESS
103 Repaso a las preposiciones. VIP ACCESS
104 Pronombres personales y de sujeto. VIP ACCESS
105 Los tiempos del pasado en el modo indicativo. FREE ACCESS
106 Verbos reflexivos. VIP ACCESS
 107 Las perífrasis verbales. VIP ACCESS
108 El imperativo: dar instrucciones y consejos. VIP ACCESS
109 Infinitivo, indicativo o subjuntivo. VIP ACCESS