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To give you a more complete and personalized service to succeed in your GCSE Spanish exam, we have created a «VIP Student» membership with exceptional value for money.

Continue reading to learn about all the benefits of becoming one of our VIP students. Even better, because now you can try a week for FREE and without obligation.

Benefits of becoming a VIP Student

If you decide to register for this service, we will assign you a private Spanish tutor, with whom you can keep in contact via email with any query you have about your Spanish course: send in writing activities and translations for correction, or just ask for more exercises on a specific topic. 

To start with, we will give you a full assessment of your Spanish level and you will receive a weekly home learning plan tailored for you. Your tutor will constantly monitor your progress, identifying strengths and weaknesses. You will be taught exam tips and tricks, to become familiar with the mark scheme, so that you will be 100% prepared for your exam. Even more…

Becoming a VIP student will also give you full access to exclusive resources regarding…

Grammar is the foundation of a language

Learning grammar is your key to speaking Spanish fluently. Understanding Spanish grammar will help you avoid errors and work confidently in all the skills required in the exam (speaking, listening, writing, and reading).

We have created 30 grammar lessons based on the GCSE Spanish syllabus, and we are adding more according to our students’ needs, but as you probably know, practice makes perfection, so each lesson is accompanied by a series of interactive exercises that are exclusively accessible to our VIP students. There is also a mini-test, which will be reviewed by your tutor, to find out if you have the topic clear and you can move on.

In addition, we have some review quizzes , which will help you identify weak spots and work on them.

Vocabulary or the power of words

If you want to succeed in your Spanish exam or just to speak Spanish, you need a vocabulary. Vocabulary is the most important part when learning a foreign language.

Learning a language without learning words will be like building a house without bricks and all your effort to improve your Spanish will be useless.

So, we have created, for our VIP students, a glossary with hundreds of words in Spanish English. They are distributed in 22 units organized according to the GCSE Spanish Syllabus so that you can easily memorize them with comfortable flashcards and interactive activities. 

Writing and translation

We have created writing and translation activities for you to practice these skills. They are inspired by GCSE past papers which will allow you to familiarize yourself with their format as well. You just have to download the worksheet, complete the exercise and send it to your teacher to correct.

Of course, there are always some of these activities included in the study plan, but you can carry out as many as you want.

Be ready for your speaking questions

Learning grammar and vocabulary are very important tools that will allow you to improve your Spanish, but if you want to speak you have to practice and the ideal is to do it with a teacher who will help you improve your communication skill, correct mistakes and improve your pronunciation. To achieve this we have our Spanish online lessons: conversation lessons and one-to-one tutorials online. 

Important! Notice that  Spanish online lessons are not included in the VIP membership price.

Price and conditions


1 month3 months6 months1 year
£ 40£ 100£ 175£ 200

Spanish online lessons are not included in the membership.  Please, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or a tailored budget. 

How to enjoy a membership for a week

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of being one of our VIP students for a week: free, without any commitment, and without registration.

We will arrange a 30-minute individual class via Zoom to carry out a complete evaluation of your Spanish, based on your results we will send you a learning plan.

From then on, and for a week, you will be able to write to us with any query you have about your task and send us your homework to be corrected. Write us if you are interested in this offer, do not miss the opportunity. We do not know how long it will last!