English Spanish translation task

Today we propose a double task related to the cinema and the things you like to do. First, you have to translate the text below into Spanish, then try to write a similar text talking about yourself. If you are registered as a VIP student you can send us your work to correct, and we have created more similar activities, in case you want to continue practicing English Spanish translations:

  • Click on the link to download the worksheet.
  • Complete the activity.
  • Save the document with your name.
  • Send it to us to the email tutores@hablamossle.com
  • Your tutor will respond to you within 48 with the corrections and comments to your exercise.

English Spanish translation

As I said above, the activity is about cinema, so it would be useful for you to learn vocabulary about this topic: music, cinema, and tv in Spanish (see vocabulary list), and work on the use of the verb gustar (to like in English)

Before preparing your work, follow the tip that goes with the text of the translation.

English Spanish translations task

Tips to do your translation

  • Before starting to translate, pay attention to the verb tenses in the text and use their equivalents in Spanish.
  • Also take into account if you are talking about yourself, your best friend, or your parents …, and that will affect the conjugation of the verbs.
  • Notice the words that are used to connect the ideas (however, but…) and use them in Spanish as well (sin embargo, pero…).
  • Don’t forget the agreement between gender and number.

Click on the link if you want to learn more about the translation task or look for more similar activities.

Now you can start your translation!

List of English Spanish translation activities

Just click on the links to download the worksheet. Follow the tips above and don’t forget to send them to us to be corrected. Leave us a message in the comments if you have any questions!

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54_English to Spanish translation task (higher).