Prepare for the GCSE Spanish AQA exam with us

Are you going to take your GCSE Spanish  AQA exam? In this case, let me introduce myself. My name is Mar Herrero, I have worked in London as a Spanish teacher for more than 12 years. During this time, I have worked with students from the Foreign Office, Home Office, House of Parliament, Goldman Sachs, Barclays, JP Morgan, Brit Insurance, and many more.

I am also the coordinator of the AQA GCSA SPANISH course developed by Learn Spanish Now, proudly coordinating the work of a group of exceptional Spanish tutors. Our goal is not only that our students pass the exam with the highest mark, but that they develop a skill that will be a valuable tool throughout their lives, making the experience as fun as possible. For this, we have included cultural content that motivates and brings languages to life: as if they were in any city in Spain or America, but without leaving home.

Prepare for the GCSE Spanish

We have created all the necessary resources to prepare and review all the topics included in the GCSE Spanish  AQA program, organizing them in a friendly way. Good news! Many of our activities have free access, so you will be able to prepare for the GCSE Spanish exam even if you have not registered for our course. Also, if you visit our blog frequently, you will find many short-life offers from which you can benefit.

Also, we will give you a full assessment of your Spanish level and we will prepare a personalized learning plan for you,  completely free of charge and without any obligation, contact us for more information.

More important, you can register with us as a VIP student. Among other benefits, you will have a Spanish teacher always ready to help you.  You will have access to hundreds of special resources such as the learning modules or our super vocabulary workshop. Also, you will be able to book a tutorial or a conversation lesson, whenever you wanted. Do you want to learn more about our VIP STUDENTS program?