TUS VACACIONES – Talk about your holidays in Spanish

Today we are going to learn how to talk about your holidays in Spanish, “las vacaciones”. Speaking, for instance, about your last holiday will be an excellent way to improve your Spanish conversation skills.

Where did you go for your last holiday? What did you do there? Did you have a good time? Can you describe the place? How was the weather? There is so much you can say.

In today’s lesson, you’ll learn how to answer some of these questions in clear and natural Spanish. To begin with, we have a video with two friends telling each other how their vacations were. Pay attention because you can use their examples to talk about yours.

Talking about your past holidays in Spanish

To start with, it is important you increase your Spanish vocabulary about vacation. Click on the link to learn useful vocabulary to talk about your holidays in Spanish.

Please watch the video twice or three times and stop it when necessary. Write down helpful expressions and repeat them out loud, paying attention to the pronunciation. All this will help you to talk about your holidays in Spanish.

Below, you have some activities to practice everything we have seen in the video, but before you do this you must have a couple of things into account.

¿Qué hiciste en Agosto? (What did you do in August?)

¿Qué solías hacer  en agosto? (What did you use to do in August?)

¿Qué haces normalmente en agosto? (What do you normally do in August?)

¿Qué vas a hacer en Agosto (What are you going to do in August?)

¿Qué tal las vacaciones?: Exercises

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Now it’s time to check and practice everything you’ve learned about how to talk about your holidays in Spanish. For that, you have four exercises below. Remember that you can ask any questions or ask your tutor for more exercises. Don’t you have a Spanish personal tutor yet?

More about vacation in Spanish

Talking about your holidays in Spanish for your GCSE Spanish Exam.

We have more activities related to talking about Holidays in Spanish, that will help you pass your GCSE Spanish exam with success.