ROLE PLAY tips for your speaking exam

Roleplay is one of the three parts into which the speaking exam is divided. Role-play is any speaking activity when you either put yourself into somebody else’s shoes or when stay in your own shoes but put yourself into an imaginary situation! That is precisely what you will have to do during the

How the roleplay activity works

During the exam, before the conversation starts, give yourself a few minutes to read through the candidate’s role, and think about what you’re going to say. You can make notes if you like.

Once the test starts you will have to chat with the teacher for 2 minutes. It is important you follow all instructions in the bullet points.  It will be taken into consideration your comprehension, fluency, pronunciation, and intonation. Along with your grammar and vocabulary range and accuracy.

Practice role-plays in our conversation lessons

If you want to be ready for the exam, it is convenient for you to practice all the speaking tasks, including the role-play. If you are registered as a VIP Student, you can book a conversation lesson to practice role-plays. Let’s see how they work:

1. We will give you a card with the candidate’s role, below you have one of the role-play cards, we use in our lessons.

2. The teacher will read the teacher’s role to pretend it’s a real assessment. The more you practice it, the more confident you will feel on the day of the test.

3. Once you have finished, the teacher will inform you if there have been any errors and will give you some tips to improve your performance. We will also send you the recording so you can review everything.

Tips for succes in the role play test

  • Look at the first bullet point. Are you sure you know how to say dates in Spanish? Why don’t you leave a message below with your date of birth?  I will check it for you.
  • If you can’t remember a word, say something suitable that you do know instead, swap words to feel more confident with vocabulary and pronunciation. For instance, if you don’t know how to say in Spanish the name of the thing you have been given as a present, swap them for something you can feel confident about:

Una bicicleta y una Playstation 5.

  • Of course, if you say just that, your mark will be poor. If you look at the second bullet point, they are giving you the chance to prove you can use past tenses. Look at the difference:

Mis padres me regalaron una Playstation 5 y mi abuela me dio dinero para comprarme una camiseta de mi equipo de fútbol favorito (My parents gave me a Playstation 5 as a present, and my grandmother gave me money to buy a jersey of my favorite footbal team).

  • It is important you prepare well these two first answers, during your preparation time, because you will not know what the next question is.
  • Next, you need to make questions, that make sense in the context of the conversation. What you would ask? Leave also your possible questions below, so I can correct them:
  • Notice that, in the final questions, you will need to use a future tense or two, that will be even better:

El sábado voy a ver un partido de fútbol con mi padre y el domingo probablemente visitaremos a mi abuela (On Saturday I am going to watch a football match with my father and on Sunday we will probably visit my grandmother).

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions. We are looking forward to hearing from you.