GCSE Spanish grammar revision

We have organized the grammatical requirements for GCSE Spanish into 30 grammar lessons (click on the links to see the grammar syllabus).

You will need to acquire extensive knowledge and understanding of Spanish grammar, gradually over the duration of the year, since this requires not only theory but a lot of practice. In the exam,  you will need to demonstrate your knowledge in the four areas that comprise the exam: writing, reading, listening, and speaking

How our Spanish grammar lessons work

We have gathered a series of grammar videos, which are accompanied by explanations in English, examples, and interactive exercises about each one of the grammatical themes included in the grammar syllabus for the GCSE Spanish Grammar. They are free to access and we are updating them constantly. At the end of each one, there is a mini-test to check your progress, that will be assessed by a tutor if you are registered as a VIP students. Besides,  you will always have the possibility to request a one-to-one tutorial, to work with a specific topic more in detail.

Remember that your knowledge of the GCSE Spanish grammar will be tested during the exam, so the more extensive and varied this knowledge is, the better your final mark will be. 

AQA Grammar Syllabus

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